Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Love fishing? Love special prizes even better? Than you need to get to Dilly Dolls right away. Not only did Oriana already put out these adorable custom birds that you can see around me on the pier and on the signs in the second picture here but she's got a contest going!

We have a chance for you to choose and create the prizes YOU want to fish for! Here are the details:

How to enter:
1. Create a notecard, and title it "*DD* Custom Fish Contest - Your Name Here"
2. In it, please include your name, and a very detailed description of your idea
3. Any photos (or web links) of your idea
4. Drop the notecard into the drop box at the main store (looks like a toybox next to the front desk)

How you will win:
Once I have gone through all of the notecards, I will choose at most 10. Then I will attempt to make them. Once they are
complete, I will display them and have you all come and vote for which you like the best. I will then take the top 6 with the
most votes, and they will become available for fishing. The catch with the most votes will become the rarest one of them all!

What you will win:
1st place (rare catch winner): L$1000 *Dilly Dolls* Gift card, and your catch will have the name that you choose
2nd place: L$500 *Dilly Dolls* Gift card, and your catch will have the name that you choose
3rd place: L$250 Gift card
4th, 5th & 6th place: L$100 Gift card

*Please try to choose original designs
*Please do not use catch from any other 7seas fishing areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*CANNOT have a mature theme (I wont do naked mermaids or fish with private people parts!!!)

Contest begins..........NOW!
Entry notecards deadline 03/22/09 midnight slt
Voting should start one to two weeks after entries are over

Have fun!
Be creative!

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