Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter is almost over, but I still have new boots!

What can I say, I LOVE boots! I wear them year 'round, in rl! When my friends are putting theirs up in favor for flip flops, sandals and sneakers, I am still stomping around in my boots! Which is probably why I love making boots so much in Second Life!

Today is no exception either! I have 6 brand new pairs for you to nab! 3 styles, 6 texture designs, 12 colors! Each is 100% original mesh, made by myself!

Avery is available in camo or leather styles. They also come with a color tinting HUD, for tinting the buckles and toe!

 Julia is available in lace or striped styles.

And Dina is available in plad or leather styles.

Demos for each, are available at the main store! Left click the main panel of the sign and choose "get demo"!

Later, my lovelies!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Head Candy!

A little release this time...

The hearty crowns that I first released at FreeStyle, are now available in the regular pallet colors. 4 color packs to choose from, or pick out a single color!

Be sure to try out the demo first!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Foot candy!

The Twisted hunt is now over, and the A&A celebration will be soon as well. So, as I have promised to several people who asked, I have released the solid texture versions of the Saula heels and the Matilda and Matthew boots! There is only one big difference with this release, than previous releases....By popular demand, I have decided to sell single colors again. So I have changed the layout of the vendors just a little bit. To grab a demo, left click on the large panel, and choose "get demo". To purchase the full scripted pack, left click the large panel, and choose the "cash" or "storecredit" option. To only purchase one color, left click the color you want in the left panel, and choose the "cash" or "storecredit" option.