Monday, March 16, 2009

Dolly Dearest And Interactive Keys!!!

Coming in 8 different a lovely colors with bloomers, collar, and chest ruffles, and even cute stockings is Dolly Dearest the newest elegant Lolita item brought to you by Oriana!

It's both fun and versatile offering you a short sleeve or long sleeve and cuff option. Make it sweet or make it crazy! The choice is yours!

Perhaps the news I am most excited about is the new interactive doll keys! Each and every key is offered with this new interactive option!!

However be warned you will not be able to wind the key yourself! Much like a real doll when your key unwinds you will get a little warning (enough time to get yourself somewhere populated lol) and then your doll will go into the unwound position.

All of them are still color changeable and you have access to those menus but the winding is all up to those around you. They can choose for how long you get to walk around again.


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