Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kawaii 28

It's Kawaii time once more! I have been getting a little bit more comfortable with rigging clothing lately. I am by no means an expert, and I am sure there are flaws (as i have found even in the most established brands) here and there, but that can also be due to the AO a person is wearing. Nonetheless, here it is!

This dress might be familiar to some of you long-time Dilly Dolls fans, and you'd be right! I had originally made this dress back when mesh first came out. on the grid. I decided that it was time to pull it out of the closet, and breathe some new life into it! This time, it's rigged for Slink Physique and Hourglass, as well as Maitreya (exp). Standard sizes are gone now, sorry. Included are 12 different ombre colors, some of which are similar to the original colors. You have the option of a white band/bow, or black, instead of the usual dark and light colors. If you purchase the V1 pack, you get all 12 colors with a dark band/bow, and one bonus texture. If you purchase the V2 pack, you have the same options, only with light band/bow and extra. But if you purchase the full pack, not only will you get all 12 ombres and both light & dark band/bow colors, but you will get an additional EIGHT extra textures!

Pop over to The Kawaii Project soon, and be sure to try the demo first!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Gacha Garden May

The Gacha Garden is back, and I have a new set for you!

I thought that shoes would be too easy, so I wanted to challenge myself, which I did until literally the last moment ha ha!

Introducing, the Summer Nums gacha set! It has a summer theme, because summer is almost here, obviously! There are 32 rares, and 2 texture change rares!

And for every 20 pulls, you will receive the "Seed of Inspiration" item...

Also, feel free to grab the free gift in front of the machine! Just a little hugable friend  :)

This is the biggest gacha that I have ever made, so a lot went into it. I really hope you like it!

Good luck!

Later, my lovelies!