Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring-y Cuteness!!

Hi dolls, have you been looking for some spring-y cuteness to wear now the weather is warming up?? Then check out Oris' latest release, Bennie. This is a cute lil strappy dress available in Oris' usual 8 colours, perfect for all tatses;

This dress is currently only available at The Circle Project at the amazing low price of L$75 each!!! This offer won't last long so grab em while you can.

Millie xx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shoe FAIR!!!!!!!!!

Whoot, thats right, Shoe Fair has rolled around again, this time benefitting the charity Soles4Souls, an amazing group that provides footwear to people in need all over the world, and Dilly Dolls have not 1, not 2, but FOUR new releases just in time for it.

First up is the donation item, Amie Dollie Skates, thats right SKATES!!! These are so uber cute, unfortunately there's no AO with them, however Ori recommends the ice skating ao from Kami-Hitoe. While the shoe fair goes on, the roller skates are ONLY available in a fat pack, at a discounted price of L$300 (regular price is L$500), but 100% proceeds go to Soles4Souls, and will ONLY be available at the shoe fair, until after the event is over.

Next up, are the adorable Laurell flats. These are available in dark, medium & light versions, each in 8 colors.

And then we have the cute May dollies, also available in dark, medium & light versions, each in 8 colors.

And finally we have the beautiful Cura pumps.

FYI; The full packs come with HUDs where you can change the whole shoe, or parts of it, as well as adjust the size. The single colors are scripted for resize ONLY! They WILL NOT work with a HUD! All shoes are copy/mod/no trans.

What?? You still reading this??!!

Millie xxx

Monday, May 9, 2011

Silently (screaming)

Upon special request Oriana has made a straight jacket. I'm sure that all the mummies will know the feeling of silently screaming at your kids and feeling like you are going, mad, so this one is for you!! It is designed for the female form, and is avaialable in Orianas' usual colours; black, blue, brown, green, pink, red, teal and violet. It includes a HUD to control texture change and size. Demos are available in the main store.

And, if you are wondering how this will work with your AO, the genius Ruy Bury of Creative Insanity has created a matching AO to work with it!! (also available instore).

Head on down to Dilly Dolls to pick yours up today!!

Miliie xx

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New stuff dollies!!

That's right, Oriana has been busy again and has more new releases for you. First up is the Spring Bloom Doll Key. There are two versions of this key, a simple decorative one and an interactive one. Right now you can get the decorative version for FREE as it is Orianas' hunt giftie in this months Dolly Dash hunt. This is a monthly mini-hunt organised by the Dolly Dash group, of which Oriana is one of the owners. This hunt ends today 1st May, so hurry if you want to snag this up for free!!

Next, the interactive key. This is the same key, however it has the added fun feature of allowing others to interact with it and wind it up!! This version will be available at the Guild of Gloom Carnival Sinistre when it opens later today.

Next up are these absolutely gorgeous Dola Overbust Corsets. These have a beautifully detailed lacey texture and are completed by corset ribbon laceing, finishing with a pretty bow on the reverse. These are available in 8 colours and 2 versions; one which has the lacey texture all the way around, and one where the side panels are without lace, but coloured to match.

These are also going to be available at the Guild of Gloom event. Oriana has also made one in an exclusive colour which will ONLY be available at the Guild of Gloom, 100% of the profits made from this will go towards the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Sophie Lancaster, off course, was the young goth girl who was attacked, along with her boyfriend Rob Maltby, for being dressed as a goth. Sophie bravely shielded Rob to protect him from the brutal attack. Rob survived the attack, but Sophie lost her fight for life in the hospital. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation aims to create more awareness of these kinds of hatecrime and to stamp out intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures, and to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress".

Happy shopping dollies,

Milly xx