Friday, February 7, 2020

XOXO 2020

Out now for XOXO! This little set of d-day decor is customizable via HUD. You can change the colors of the candies to several different options, and the box includes a blank map so you can personally customize the note card on the display.

This decor piece is available in two different ways. First, visit the mainstore and head over to the event display. Say "xoxo" in main chat. If you're lucky, you'll win the item for free! If not, you can return in 24 hours to try again. Second, if you are too impatient to wait a day, you can buy the item directly from the vendor for only L$50 during the duration of the hunt. Be sure to tap the subscriber to get your hunt HUD so you can visit all of the other stores!

This piece is 100% original mesh decor.

XOXO runs from February 7th through February 16th 2020.

Good luck my lovelies!



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