Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Freebie

Just a little gift for you all! Pop on into the main store, to grab it! Limo!

Moar tootsie lovin!

I can't seem to stop making shoes. Dunno why, but every time I open blender, i am working on shoes!

Just finished these ones, though a little bit out of my norm, I thought they would be cute to make. They come in packs with 12 textures, with 2 sole options, and 6 skin tones with tint.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Together for Sway has begun!

I don't know how many times I have heard about creators in sl that are stricken by illness. But no matter how often it happens, it does not get any easier. Sway was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and will soon be undergoing surgery to remove it. Even if successful, she will take a hit, as her SL shop is her only RL source of income. She will be out of work for at least 6 months, and because she has been such a big part of SL for so long, it was no surprise when so many designers stepped up to help!

Together for Sway is a fundraiser, where 100% of all proceeds go directly to Sway, to assist her with her finances until she can get back on her feet. Stop by, and check out all of the goods that the designers have to offer, or just hit up a tip jar!

For more information, please visit Together For Sway

My contribution for this event, is an original mesh dress & boots set. Each comes in 12 different colors, and is rigged mesh (no mod)

The boots are tartan textured stompers, in standard sizing, scripted for texture change:

The dress is also tartan textured, in standard sizing. A cute little corset dress, with triple side ruffles and a large waistband and bow:

You can choose between 3 different chest sizes! Each chest/dress is scripted for texture change, and the skin can be textured AND tinted, to match your favorite skin!

Be sure to pop in and check out a demo!