Wednesday, January 2, 2013

60% off sale!

All store stock is now on sale, 60% off until sunday 1/6/13! Yes this includes new and old stock, clothes, footwear, accessories, hair, skins...everything!

Yay for hips & thighs!

Thanks to mesh, we can now have realistic thighs and hips and other body parts that the SL avatar mesh does not do nicely! I was playing around in blender, and ended up making more pants! I even made some for the boys! Introducing Aylee (for girls) & Aylen (for boys). Both are available in 3 different pack styles, and light or dark options!


 And now that Together for Sway has ended, the dark Kitty dress and boots are now available at the main store! I Have also put out the light versions as well!