Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hunt's Galore!

It's going to be a Happy Easter at Dilly Dolls this year! Oriana will be presenting hunters with two new outfits through two gridwide hunts!

The first will be starting on March 1-31st and will be the Twisted Hunt. Find out more information and participating stores at their hunt blog: http://twisted.darketernity.org/

The second hunt will start a little later on March 27th and run through April 19th. It's the Bunny Hop hunt and again you can find out more information and participating stores at their blog: http://bunnyhopgridwide.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello Nurse!

Oriana has given us quite a load of new things today! And she has gone above and beyond with her offerings!

First off is her fantastic new Nurse Dolly! Complete with hat, mask, and a leg band containing a syringe and scissors you'll be ready to nurse anyone back to health... or at least look like you can!

The full set is pictured below and you will be able to purchase it that way or the dress, syringe, and ballet boots will all be available on their own in the store.

We also have a new and fun Argyle Shoe collection! They each come color changeable to match any outfit you'd like to pair them with!

And finally a notice that we have a new group! It's called the Dilly Dolls Chatterbox Room. It's out there for all of you looking to talk to other fans of the store about anything that tickles your fancy! That leaves the normal Dilly Doll group for questions about the store and products.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Sale, New Eyes, And Hello Kitty!

And we have some amazing new releases to check out! Oriana has hand crafted some beautiful vibrant new eyes! There are two sets of each design! Warm colors and cool colors!

And for all of you Hello Kitty lovers out there Oriana offers you two new designs! Sweet little skirts and corsets with 8 different colors in each design!

And don't forget to hunt while you're here!!! The prizes are not to be missed! And remember to check out the other designers involved in both hunts as well! you won't regret it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We now have GL Designs, Mischief, Bryce, Gypsy Soul, Wicked Resistance and Forbidden thorn online with the Betrayed Heart Hunt!

They all have their hearts out, and hidden. Here are the basic locations...

*Dilly Dolls* - 10 inside and outside of the main store (on Illusion)
GL Designs - 5 inside and outside of the main store, 3 on Tully, 2 on Illusion
Mischief - 12 inside and outside of the main store (on Mischief Isle)
Bryce - 8 inside and outside of the main store (on Tully)
Forbidden Thorn - 6 inside and outside of the shop (on Tully)
Wicked Resistance - 2 inside and outside of the main store (on Tully)
Gypsy Soul - 4 inside and outside of the shop (on Tully)

Also, the Vain Kiss hunt is up and running, and there are kisses hidden in both *Dilly Dolls* and GL Designs.

Happy hunting!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The hunt is on!

The Betrayed Heart hunt is ready...set...go!

*Dilly Dolls* is all set up, and the hearts are out! Here is a pic of the prize...

The other stores participating are GL Designs, Bryce Designs and Forbidden Thorn.
You can start the hunt at any of these locations, but the others are still setting up, so please be patient. Maybe my part will keep you busy for a bit :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Location (Again!) And Boots!

Bored with the same old boots? Pointed toes, rounded toes, square toes, but all basically the same boot.

Well Oriana brings you a new and unique offering! Ballet boots!

Both fun and a little sinister she brings you two versions to match any outfit! There is a dark version and a light version with many different colors and textures for you to choose from. The options are limitless!

And don't forget we've moved again! hopefully this is our final resting place! So take a ride on over to Illusion to visit us!