Sunday, April 26, 2009

Carolina In My Mind And In The Store! New Shoes and Socks Too!

With all the new renovations Oriana wants to keep you coming back for more! So here's lots more! A fantastic little dress for those bubbly ladies out there called Carolina.

And a wide assortment of color change and re-sizable socks and shoes! The shoes have thousands of color combinations available for you to choose from. Not to mention the three textures available for you to choose from. There's your standard sneakers, floral print, and checker print sneakers.

The socks come in everything from variegated knit socks to those standard color socks in knee length and normal size. Don't miss them they're great!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open Bigger and Better!

Dilly Dolls has grown again! Oriana Kuhr has gone above and beyond to bring you a bright new store! AND EVERYTHING IS 45% OFF until April 26th! So hurry up and get in here!

She’s worked hard and slaved over this new store and her results are fantastic. Slightly larger and with even more walls for even more stuff! But that’s not all. Each and every one of Oriana’s beautiful creations has new signs! I myself think they are fantastic. Take some time to look them all over when you come in! You won’t be disappointed!

The location has changed just a bit but we’re still on the Illusion Sim SLURL. And great news! We’ll be right next door to GLD again! You’ll have one stop shopping once again.

But that’s still not everything. Oriana has created a very special attraction for you all to enjoy. A Hedge Maze! It’s absolutely fantastic (I already took a trip around it!). There are a few locations within the maze you should really try to visit and exits too. One will lead you directly to GLD. She even added a fun photobooth in the store. It’s upstairs so make sure you take a look.

And do you think we’d have a reopening without new releases? Of course not! This time Oriana brings us a whole new line of things… furniture! To those of you waiting for the large Voo Doo doll to be available your wait is over! There’s also a wide assortment of mushroom chairs. Also Dilly Doll Jewelry is back! Head upstairs to find them with all of our other accessories.

If you have any questions please send a notecard to Amaranth Sorbet or leave one in the toybox at the desk just inside the store.

Some Extra Notes:

The fishing area is inside the center of the maze! The dress isn't out in it yet but the other custom catches are so get fishing!

The Skins and Costumes will be back soon! Oriana is doing some work on them to be better for you guys! So hang in there for just a little while!

Last but not least! Pictures! Feast your eyes on these:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hooves and a New Nurse

Oriana is bringing us more new treats!

For those nurses looking to be a bit softer and sweeter than her previous release she's selling Nurse Dolly Light with 8 pastel nurse outfit colors. Like the previous release you can buy the dress alone or you can purchase the full set with the boots and the syringe key!

The new Boots are called Hoofies! You can buy them two different ways. The Grey Hoofies are texture change. The hooves themselves will remain the same color while the laces and eyelets are color change. The second boots are 100% color change! You get your choice!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Voting started yesterday!

I did not get the chance to post anything last night, as I worked right up to the point that I started the custom catch contest voting. I had been way to busy lately, and my mind is completely gone!

I originally stated that I would pick 10 entries for the contest, but was only able to get 9 done. I wanted to make even more than that, because there were so many awsome ideas, but I have decided to hold another contest at a later date for the ones i did not make.

The top 5 or 6 entries with the most votes will become the most rare catches in the *DD* fishing area. Though, all made entries will be placed in the fishing area as well. If you would like to vote, feel free to head over to the main store and click on the TP out in the front yard. You can only vote once per day, per item, so make it count, and get your friends in there!