Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Goodies!!!

Well hello dollies! Ori has just done a massive update and brought us some lovelies! First up, Tracky Pants! 8 great colors and oh so comfy!!! Wanna show off those sexy legs? Tracky Shorts!!! Also in 8 colors. Perfect for spring, Jayda tops. These pastel camis come in 8 colors and are perfect paired with a cute pair of jeans or a nice floaty skirt.

Up next, the Howie dress. The detail on these dresses is amazing and they come in 8 awesome colors. (Which is great since chosing just one would be impossible!)

Lastly, the Lola dress. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture below screams "want" a thousand times! They're just lovely and also in 8 colors.

As if that wasn't enough all 7 of the letter boards and both MM's have been changed! There are also now TWO bargin boards.

See you there!

♥ Trink

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Fur....gacha!

I love me some animals! I do I do! And I love helping them too! That's why I decided to join up with Project Fur. This charity is a NO KILL organization, that helps animals lost in the horrible tragedy in Japan, that we are all too familiar with. The organization(s) helps to reunite lost pets with their families, give medical assistance and find new homes for those who cannot be reunited.

I do not do recolors, but I made an exception this time, though I dont call it a recolor since I had been plotting to do more versions of this dress anyways lol...

It's Amaranth III. Yup, third generation! This time its bright and BOOOOOOLD!

This dress is currently exclusively available ONLY at Project Fur! It will be available in the main store afterwards though. But while at the event, 100% of the proceeds from this dress, as well as the rest of the items I have out, are being donated to Project Fur!

I also gots new gachas! Spring is kinda here, and the summer is on it's way, so I kinda randomly decided to toss these together. The store group voted, and there are 3 gacha machines for these, so you have a better chance to get the ones you want. All gachas are transfer only, so you can swap with friends!

Ride to *Dilly Dolls main store

Ride to Project Fur