Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 8th birthday Freestyle!

It's that time again! Freestyle is celebrating their 8th birthday on the www, with an event called Supa 8! They have gathered a lot of very different designers, pairing them into collaborating groups. Dilly Dolls was paired with Cubic Cherry, and we are very happy to bring our newness directly to you!

Initially, these were made for Supa 8, but I ended up using them for another but with a different design structure. So in other words, technically, this is a re-release,  but it's still new!!!

There are 5 packs available! Two colors in each pack, or get all 8 in one! Each pair is scripted so that you can hide or show the skates, and yes, they do come with corresponding shoe bases  :p

My collaborative partner, Kreao of Cubic Cherry, has created some adorable helmets to wear with the Lusha Sk8s! They also come in packs of twos!

Visit the FreeStyle blog for more infos!


Friday, November 13, 2015

I left my brain back in October!

I swear, there must be something in the water! I keep on forgetting to do things, including announcing the release of the full color selection of My Pet Spider boots!

As stated above, the full color set is now available at the main store! They are still 100% original mesh, and fit all standard sizes, system and mesh feet! As usual, there are 12 colors to decide from. If you grab a single pair, you have the option of hiding or showing the spider. The full pack includes all 12 colors, the ability to hide or show the spider, as well as the ability to change the texture on the boots or spider or both!

Be sure to try a demo before you purchase!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hocus Pocus 2015

The first round of Hocus Pocus 2015 has begun!!!

I think the idea of this event is pretty neat! You go to a specified list of stores and look for the little ghost and his box. You then say "hocus pocus" in main chat, and if you're lucky, the ghost will give you the gift of whatever he is hoarding! If you're not so lucky, he'll tell you that you can try again tomorrow. If you are too impatient to wait, you can buy the item from him for only L$50!

I was working on my item, but at the last minute I changed my mind and started something new lol. But I tell you, I am glad that I did! Behold! My Pet Spider Boots!

They come in a universal rigged size, which means that they will fit all standard sizes as well as the Slink and Maitreya bodies (and others, I'm sure), as well as a regular unrigged pair which you may need an ankle locking script (not included) to wear properly. Also included is a HUD so that you can wear the boots with or without the spider! The webbing stays put though. 100% original mesh, and available NOW!

Monday, October 19, 2015

20Twenty begins

At midnight, the first round of 20Twenty officially begins!

My store is still running out of the temporary location, though I still decided to join in on a few events that are coming up. The first of which is 20Twenty (click here for more info on the event)!

On the 20th of each month, 20 designers will put out an item at 20% off! This round, I have opted to release something themed for Halloween, which is something that I have not done for a few years due to my own laziness.

Introducing the Lusha Sk8s, 20T edition. Available in 4 color options, each set has a custom handpainted character on the toe. All sets come in standard sizing, as well as an unrigged pair for those who prefer to mod/size themselves. These are 100% original mesh!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Tiny re-release

Just wanted to do a quick release post about a re-release of my Windup doll keys!

They have been redesigned and remeshed, as well as retextured! Pop on into the shop, and play for only L$25!

12 commons
2 rare w/ HUD to control glow and key textures
2 ultra rare w/ HUD to control glow and key & base textures

One of each rares is a decorative key, and the other is an interactive key with the custom windup/down!