Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello from hiatus!

I have not posted or released anything since November of last year. I know, bad designer! I was only planning on taking a couple of months off, but it turned out to be much longer than that. I still do not know exactly when I will be back officially, but I will be back. Once I have a physical location on the sim again, I will let you all know!

That aside, I have been messing around with these shoes in Blender for several months now, as I have been working on relearning mesh and as much about anything second life related within the program as possible. I wanted to release something to show that I have not completely abandoned the world, so here ya go!

Introducing the Gala Jane pumps. These shoes are 100% original mesh, and require the Slink medium feet in order for them to wear properly. They come with a custom HUD with 12 quick change textures to choose from.

Also now available is this pattern/color set done specially for Freestyle! These textures will not be sold in my store, and are available exclusively at the Freestyle location!

Since I currently do not have a store inworld, you can pick up the regular pallet pack on the marketplace, HERE.

To swing by Freestyle to pick up the striped version, head HERE!

Later my lovelies!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inworld store closing

After more than 5 years of owning and operation *Dilly Dolls*, I have come to the decision that it is time to close down my inworld store. We will NOT be selling the sim at this time, but my co-sim owner will be temporarily taking over the space to build up something she has wanted for a while now.

I have had a lot of things going on for me in real life, leaving me little to no time to be inworld, causing my releases to come further and further apart. I have been working on a novel, and it is coming along nicely. I am hoping for an early 2014 publishing, so we shall see. I have also been trying to keep up with my daughter, who is a major handful. Along with several other art projects in the works, RL is pretty much keeping me tied up. Because of these things going on irl, I have lost not only time inworld, but also the motivation to run my store.

It has been fun, and I will miss having an inworld presence, but it is not a permanent decision. I do not know how long the store will be gone, but I guarantee that when I do decide to come back, I will have a whole slew of new stuff!

To mark the inworld store closing, between november 14th and november 28th, I am holding a 60% off sale on ALL items in the main store. This includes all brand new merchandise.

What will happen once the store is closed?

    *Inventory will me added to the marketplace, as I find the time
    *New releases will be posted on the marketplace
    *Group gifts will continue
    *I may participate in events that do not require a store location
    *Store gift cards will no longer be able to be used (please use up any credit you currently have)

So again, this is not a permanent closing. I just need to officially take some time off for RL.

-Oriana Kuhr

Marketplace store
Inworld store

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guess what...more boots, that's what!

Yeah, I have been MIA as far as sl is concerned lately, but the little bit of time that I have been able to pop in and release stuff, its Guess you can say that I am lacking in the creativity department, as far as second life. I have been spending most of my time working on a novel that I hope to finish and publish soon, but we will see how that goes. Anyways...BOOTS!

Both pallets are in 12 2-tone texture options per pack. These boots are rigged for standard sizing, and is 100% original mesh!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Corsets, gloves & boots...oh my!

Horrorfest isn't over yet, so you can still pick up the Halloween editions of these releases there. But the standard pallets are now available in the main store!

The Vivian corset and gloves are a revamp from my Heartbreaker Lolita outfit from many years ago. It has been given a new life, in mesh! You can wear the corset alone, with the gloves or the gloves alone. Texture changeable via included HUD, with all 12 colors! They are also rigged in standard sizing.

The Calypso boots come in two different styles. Full boot, or ankle boot. Both styles are rigged in standard sizes, and come with a texture HUD loaded with 12 colors!

(to grab a demo, left click the sign and choose "get demo")

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horrorfest 2013

Horrorfest has begun, and unfortunately due to RL and lots of computer issues, I was about 4 days late in getting my items out, which is the latest I have EVER been for an event. Let's hope it never happens again! But that aside, I have new foot candy and a corset for you!

First up, the Vivian corset. This corset may look familiar to those of you who have been long time Dilly Dolls shoppers and fans. It has been recycled from my old Heartbreaker Lolita outfit that I released back in January of 2009. It has arisen from the ashes of system clothing, and re-emerged as mesh. The corset even comes with the matching gloves, but at this time, I do not have all of the other parts with it, including the skirts, collar and stockings. However, I may do another release with the other parts, at a later date. For now, it's just the corset and gloves. But also, just for Horrorfest, I have done a simple little jack o' lantern face to dress it up a bit. There are 12 colors, as usual, and they come in standard sizing.

Next up, we have some two-toned ombre boots in two styles! The standard boot, and the ankle boot. Both sets of boots are rigged mesh, and come in 10 colors.

The corset & gloves, and the boots will all be available soon at the main store, in my standard color pallets. For now, these are all exclusive to Horrorfest, so you gotta head over there to pick them up! Please try the demo first though!

Later, my lovelies!