Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kawaii 22

It's round 22 of The Kawaii Project, though only round 2 for me! And this time, believe it or not, I have not made any shoes ha ha! I don't get around to making accessories much anymore, though it has been happening more and more lately. This latest release was based on a request made on plurk...

The Bellan Wristbands come in a light or dark pack, 12 colors in each. Customization include changing the color options of the spikes, metal bases, wristband and ruffles. You can also change between the ruffles to solid or lace!

These are 100% original mesh, have materials enabled, and are currently exclusively available at The Kawaii Project. They will be available at the mainstore once this round has ended!


I only found out about this event about a month before Candy Fair started, and had been planning to apply once things slowed down. Imagine the sad, when I heard that this current round would be the last. OneWord is closing down, and the last word theme is fitting..."Time."

However, even though it is the last round, I was asked (about 16 hours before opening lol) if I would like to join for the month. Of course, I jumped at it after thinking about it briefly. And since I am the way I am, I just had to make something brand spanking new! I managed to make it on time, alright, however, it was literally down to the wire. I setup my vendors 10min before opening. Talk about cutting it close! Unfortunately, I did not have the time to make all 24 of my usual colors, so I was only able to release 2. Brown, and grey. I am in the process, however, of making the other 22 colors that will be available at the mainstore after the event closes.

Be sure to pop over and grab a demo! And as usual, these are 100% original mesh, and are rigged for Maitreya and Slink feet!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

A little bit of TLC

Ok, so I am starting to get over my fear of rigging anything above the knee...I hope!

The latest release is part of a match-collab (means the items go together, but the workflow was not shared) with Cubic Cherry! This is our second match-collab, and our items will be available at The Liaison Collaborative on Nov 7th!

My contribution is the Harvest Corset Dress! It comes rigged for Maitreya (exp), Slink Physique and Slink Hourglass! You can either purchase two-packs (light and dark of each color), or the light or dark pack. Demo is available at TLC! It's also materials enabled!

The new Cubic Cherry release are these cute leafy circlets to accessorize with! Single colors or fat pack are available!

As per usual, these items are 100% original mesh!

Taxi to TLC!

Monday, October 24, 2016

A few new things...

Hocus Pocus has begun yet again! Come say "hocus pocus" in main chat for a chance to win! If you lose, you can either come back and try again tomorrow, or pay L$50 to buy the item outright!

What is the item? Why, it's the brand new Glinna heels! Made for Maitreya & Slink feet, this pack comes with 4 color options, which you can chance by HUD!

Also new to the shop:

4 pack of yummy creature snackys!

I have been sitting on the Baby bows for months, because I kept forgetting to release them. They're out now, finally! They come in 4 different designs, in light or dark scripted pallets!

Lastly, this mirror is one that I had made for a photo, and now it's available to you! It comes with all 3 colors, mod and has no scripts!

Each creation is 100% original mesh!

Good luck with Hocus Pocus, and happy shopping, my lovelies!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kawaii kawaii!

I am so happy to announce that I have joined the Kawaii Project! My latest release is the Brighid Boots! They come in the 12 standard dark colors, as well as a new Kawaii pack! The light pack will be available at the mainstore after the round ends. You can get single colors or a scripted pack in the dark colors, but the Kawaii pack is only available as a pack! Single colors are as is, though the scripted packs allow customizations! And as always, these are 100% original mesh and are material enabled!

Pop over and grab the demo!