Monday, June 20, 2016

New gacha & 20Twenty!

Out now for 20Twenty, at 20% off, are the brand new Dryna Pumps! They come in 12 different single colors, or in a scripted pack. I have also added something new to this pack, that I have never done before...

You know how I love to save inventory space as much as possible (trust me, having an inv under 30 when you have been on the grid for over 10 years is NOT easy), and I primarily do that by making the scripted packs. Well, you now have the option to choose between Maitreya and Slink, with the simple click of a button! Two shoe sizes, one object, controlled by your HUD!

And after kicking my own arse, trying to get ankle locks into the HUD, thanks to Allegory Malaprop (go visit her shop!!!) of Schadenfreude, I was FINALLY able to do it! Trust me, she saved my butt several times with her scripting abilities!

Also new to the mix, is another gacha (yay), now out at the mainstore! There are 12 commons and 2 scripted rares, one of which is an interactive version! Each pull is just L$25!!

As per usual, all of my items are 100% original mesh, made by me and no one else! Pop on into the mainstore to check em out! And remember, 20Twenty ends on the 8th. After that, the Dryna pumps will go back up to full price!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome to summer!

Available now at the mainstore.....introducing the Willa sandals!

This is my first official summer release, and I hope it won't (cross your fingers lol) be my last! Things have slowed down quite a bit in RL, so I have been able to spend some time in Blender. These are also being released at the same time as the start of the Summer Lovin' hunt! Now, I have not been in a hunt for a few years, so I decided to start with a smaller one and work my way up again.

The original version of the Willa sandals  REQUIRE the Slink kitten feet in order to be worn correctly!

The Summer Lovin' version of the Willa sandals are not scripted, and the parts do not change colors, but I thought the color pallet was kinda fun  ;)

These are 100% original mesh, and are available in 12 single colors, or as usual, a scripted pack! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

VIP gift

A brand new group gift is now available in the mainstore! This full PACK is exclusively for group members, and comes rigged for Slink and Maitreya feet. There is a group joiner in the V.I.P. room if you would like to join.

Don't forget to wear your tag when you come to claim your gift!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

20Twenty April 2016

So, things have been interesting for me lately. One being that my computer has decided to crap out on me, and like an old car, things stop working one at a time. So, I will be spending the next few days completely reinstalling windows, and setting my programs up again. Fun times!

But before that party, I was able to toss out something new! Take a peek at the new Marta boots!

As per usual, these boots come rigged for standard sizing, as well as Slink Physique & Hourglass! They are materials enabled, so make sure you have your graphics up to see the full effect. They are 100% original mesh, and are available in a scripted pack or as individual colors.

This is a BRAND NEW release, and is currently marked down by 20% for 20Twenty! Be sure to pop in and grab a demo by left clicking the main board (image as above) inworld! Later my lovelies!