Sunday, May 10, 2015

Got yer feet covered!

Back with the first of many new releases! Well, technically only one of these is brand new, but the rest have a new life!

First and foremost, the shop is officially open again, and there is now a physical location inworld once again! The location is still on the Onyx Noir sim, but is in a temporary location until I can finish building the new store. There is also a small Gacha house across from the store, where I have dropped some items that I have picked up from Arcade and several other gacha events!

Now onto the new releases!

Many of you will recognized most of the shoes in this release. The Sonata boots are a long time fav and the most popular boot in my store. They have been given yet another new lease on life, except this time they are not rigged. I found that the rigging ruined the style of the boots overall, so they were better off left unrigged. I have also remeshed them for the second time. Unfortunately, I decided not to repeat the bubblegum color pack as I had done with the first re-release version.

Next, since I was already working on the Sonata boots, I thought it would be fun to remake the Sonata Scrunched boots as well. There are a few differences with these ones. First, I have changed the name to "Sonata2" for working purposes plus, they are essentially the same as the Sonata boots only scrunched down and missing the buttons, so it made sense to just label them as a version 2 type name. Second, they are now mesh, where as they used to be sculpty. Third, the textures now match the Sonata boots instead of the plaid/knit/striped patterns that they used to have.

Another set of remakes, are the Dasha pumps. I have lowered the poly count on these, as well as made them compatible with Slink feet!

Lastly, are the Adelyn pumps, which all of you have already seen a preview of. They are also rigged for the Slink feet.

These shoes are available in one color pallet only, as well as a Midnight Mania exclusive color, which I have also included in the box. Just 100 clicks, and they're free!

Taxi to the shop!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm back....unofficially!

I am finally back! There is now a physical presence inworld again, though it's bare bones at the moment.

The shop is in a temp location on the sim, while I finish working on a custom build, but I have no idea how long it could take with RL taking top priority.

I have new stuff, but have yet to make vendor ads and put them out. For now, some clothing and footwear from the old stock is available, as well as a Gacha building across the way where you can find things from Arcade and TAG.

New stuffs coming soon!

Ride to the shop!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last poll of 2014!

I am in the process of rebuilding the store, as well as fixing a few items for re-release, and finishing up some brand new things! But first, I wanted to get opinions on something I have been thinking about.

Since the appearance of mesh in Second Life, there has been less and less older style creations, such as dolly/lolita type clothing. Sure, they are still around, but not as much as they were before. So, feeling a little bit nostalgic, I started going through my old shop inventory, and realized just how many of the dresses I was still in love with! It got me thinking that, even though mesh allows us to create things that we were unable to make with prims, we are still limited when it comes to things such as, a bouncy, floofy skirt! So I wondered, if there would be any life left in them for the rest of the grid.

Let me hear your thoughts on the subject! Take the poll below, and leave a comment if you like! If there are enough positive responses, I might just be adding on another room for some of my older designs!

Would you be interested in seeing any flexy/system clothing come back to Dilly Dolls?
Maybe just a few things.
Only if you combine them with mesh!
Gross! Just stick with mesh only!
I really don't care. Just reopen!
Wait...What is flexy?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello from hiatus!

I have not posted or released anything since November of last year. I know, bad designer! I was only planning on taking a couple of months off, but it turned out to be much longer than that. I still do not know exactly when I will be back officially, but I will be back. Once I have a physical location on the sim again, I will let you all know!

That aside, I have been messing around with these shoes in Blender for several months now, as I have been working on relearning mesh and as much about anything second life related within the program as possible. I wanted to release something to show that I have not completely abandoned the world, so here ya go!

Introducing the Gala Jane pumps. These shoes are 100% original mesh, and require the Slink medium feet in order for them to wear properly. They come with a custom HUD with 12 quick change textures to choose from.

Also now available is this pattern/color set done specially for Freestyle! These textures will not be sold in my store, and are available exclusively at the Freestyle location!

Since I currently do not have a store inworld, you can pick up the regular pallet pack on the marketplace, HERE.

To swing by Freestyle to pick up the striped version, head HERE!

Later my lovelies!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inworld store closing

After more than 5 years of owning and operation *Dilly Dolls*, I have come to the decision that it is time to close down my inworld store. We will NOT be selling the sim at this time, but my co-sim owner will be temporarily taking over the space to build up something she has wanted for a while now.

I have had a lot of things going on for me in real life, leaving me little to no time to be inworld, causing my releases to come further and further apart. I have been working on a novel, and it is coming along nicely. I am hoping for an early 2014 publishing, so we shall see. I have also been trying to keep up with my daughter, who is a major handful. Along with several other art projects in the works, RL is pretty much keeping me tied up. Because of these things going on irl, I have lost not only time inworld, but also the motivation to run my store.

It has been fun, and I will miss having an inworld presence, but it is not a permanent decision. I do not know how long the store will be gone, but I guarantee that when I do decide to come back, I will have a whole slew of new stuff!

To mark the inworld store closing, between november 14th and november 28th, I am holding a 60% off sale on ALL items in the main store. This includes all brand new merchandise.

What will happen once the store is closed?

    *Inventory will me added to the marketplace, as I find the time
    *New releases will be posted on the marketplace
    *Group gifts will continue
    *I may participate in events that do not require a store location
    *Store gift cards will no longer be able to be used (please use up any credit you currently have)

So again, this is not a permanent closing. I just need to officially take some time off for RL.

-Oriana Kuhr

Marketplace store
Inworld store