Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair Sale and Fashion Fest!

Hello Dolls!

Oriana's updating her hair textures soon so she's put all of her hair styles on sale until June 25th!

Hair is located on the second floor of the main store.

In other news, The All-Stars Fashion Fest is coming soon! Dilly Dolls, along with other awesome designers, will be taking up 9 full sims to benefit Relay for Life, so start saving up for nine days of fun and shopping!

That's it for now but remember to keep watching for more updates on sales and fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brand new blogger, brand new shinies!

Hello everyone! This is Dilly Dolls newest blogger, Starr, and I've got a bundle of gorgeous new things to post!
First up, one of my favorite dresses, Riding Hood II, which comes with a gorgeous, heart adorned dress, a pair of matching mary janes and a cute basket full of goodies.

The shoes are also available separately.

Oriana's also made some awesome matching hair! A pretty little side braid that works perfectly with the dress which is available in many colors.

Also new this week, we have a couple new skins.

Lorainne, very soft and natural,

Feather, with lightly smoky eyes,

Janna, colorful and electric.

and a remake of a previous favorite, Fiona.

We also have some bold new lashes to compliment the skins.

And last, but not least, two new sets of eyes to complete your look!

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to Dilly Dolls and check it out!
That's it for now but keep checking for more regular updates on new releases and events soon to come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black & Blue Fair goodness!

Here comes......

The opening is just a couple of days away, so I thought I would show a lil teaser!

Since I am rarely invited to be in fairs, I decided to take advantage of this one, and made a nice lil handful of new things special for the fair!

First up, is a couple of teary skins. My first of many to come, as i have never done a tear drip makeup before..I hope you like it :)

Next up, brand new boots! I have been working on these designs for several months, and finally decided it was time to put them out. They are texture change, as usual, and of course resizable.

The Pansa boots have a neat little twist on the heel, with an odd indent in the back, and a shiny sculpted zipper on the boot.

The Danielle boots are my favs! Many of you have actually seen me wearing them around SL, and asked where I got them, or when they would be out. Well now, they finally are! They are also texture change, and have a cute lil skull on the bow that can be changed independently as well. There is even the option to not have the skull, if you don't want it. These boots come in a dark and light version. The straps and bows stay black or white, depending on which boot style you have.

And lastly, the dresses!

Evan is all laced up. Many of you asked for more laces, and more laces you got! From the cups, to the bodice, to the skirt, there are enough laces on this dress to tie up 20 pairs of tennis shoes lol.

Then there is Corrin. I decided it was time for a new babydoll dress, and I have not taken this off since I finished it, thats how much I love it! It's all stripey and all! :D

During the fair, only the black and blue versions of the dresses are available. Once the fair ends, the other 6 colors will be available in the main store, as usual. The boots are in all 8 colors, and the skins come with all 5 tones in each makeup. And EVERYTHING is DISCOUNTED for the fair too. All will be at regular prices when they are back in the main store. The skins pack is easily the largest discounted pack there too. 10 skins for L$800 (reg price would be L$2500)

There is also a fair exclusive unpacking animation too! Once you receive your box, simply wear it (dont drop it) and the anim will play. It's just a silly lil thing i made :D

The fair officially opens on the 3th of June (tomorrow), so make some space in your inventory, there is a LOT to get there. Designers from all over, including several of my own friends!

See ya there my dollies!