Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Hunt Information!

That's right! The vain hunt is right around the corner. And let me tell you something! You will be in awe of the awesome outfit that Oriana has put together for you all! I can't wait to get my hands on it! No pictures though. This one is just too juicy and you'll have to come to the hunt and find it yourself!

But that's not all! Dilly Dolls and GLD are teaming up for their own special hunt! The *DD* and GLD Hunt will include specially made and unique designs from both designers. Each one will hide a number of betrayed hearts containing pieces of the outfit around their own store. It's up to you to find all the peices to complete the outfit.

The *DD* and GLD Hunt starts the same day as the Vain hunt on February 6th and runs through the 15th.


I have gotten together with Sanu to bring you this awesome dress and accessories! Fashioned after a dress worn by Emilie Autumn, this victorian style dress has a bit of a bunny flare to it! It is the sequil to my other Emilie Autumn dress, but named after my wonderful store manager after she showed just how obsessed with the dress she became. I hope you like!

The dress is available in one of 8 different colors, or you can buy the pack with all included!

This is the very first new item since the store moved recently. We now call Mischief Isles, our new home! GL Designs and Blizzard of Auz have also completed the move, and are open and ready for business!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hunts And Another Limited Edition Sale and Lucky Chair!

Hello again everyone! We’ve got more excitement for you!

Very soon we’ll have two great hunts for you to be involved with! First off a grid wide Valentine’s Day hunt brought to you by Vain Inc. Check out their blog here: Both Dilly Dolls and GLD will be participating so we’re your one stop hunt location!

The second will be a special hunt also in cooperation with GLD right next door to us! There will be completely unique gifts in both hunts. We don’t have a date settled on for the small two store hunt yet but we’ll keep you posted. You don’t want to miss it!

Last but not least in just a little while today there will be ANOTHER special Limited Edition Boots release! We will have just 40 pairs of Emily Strange boots for sale and a special Lucky chair! But when the boots are sold out the chair disappears! So don’t miss your chance to pick up your Emily Strange Boots!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New release

Yesterday I released 2 more pairs of boots, and several skins. Unfortunately, I was unable to post anything about it here because the store got majorly packed and things were very hectic. One of the pair of boots was a limited edition, and sold out pretty fast. I also had them in a limited edition lucky chair that had campers all day (only downtime was when LL had everything down). They proved to be a huge success!

These are the normal version of the boots. They come with 8 different textures and many colors to choose from to customize them to match many outfits:

These are the Limited Edition Alice In Wonderland Sketched boots. They come with 6 different textures from the classic book, as well as coloring options as well.

These have proven to be a great addition to the store, as nearly the same amount of people clocked to the store as did when I had my L$10 sale a few weeks ago. Only this time, the sim did not crash!

The other new addition to the store was a few more skins.........

The newest of these are the:
"A Clockwork"

The others, were skins from my old store that have had several requests for a come back!
"Dolly Dame"
"Sonau 1"
"Sonau 2"


In the next several days, I will completely burry myself into creation as I prepare for 2, yes TWO hunts! I never thought even 1 was interesting, and the POE hut was chaotic, but I decided to do the Vain Valentines hunt this year anyways. On top of that, I have had many people say that they wanted to have a small hunt at the regular store, so Genie and I will also be having a small 2 store Valentines hunt. Also, I have been asked to donate something for the grand opening of the new HQ of the Love/Hate blog, so i am going to throw something together for that. You all should know by now that i don't like to recycle my designs. If i donate something or participate in a hunt, it has to be fresh! So i will be creating at minimum THREE brand new designs! Join the *Dilly Dolls* store group, or tap the subscriber if you want to keep up to date!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Bag, A Dress, And A Re-issue!

Hi there! I am Amaranth Sorbet and chances are you’ve seen me hanging around the store for the past few months. Well somehow I managed to grow on Oriana and I’m helping her manage the store.

If you ever need to reach me there is a little intercom panel just inside the door on the right hand stairway. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, comments, or suggestion just give it a push or if I don’t happen to be around drop me a PM or a notecard. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Now on to what you really care about! The new goods! Well you’re in for a treat!

The newest dress addition (Which I’m so proud and excited to say I’m in the sales photo for!) is called Paddy. This fantastic new dress has 8 Colors of fully scripted goodness in a sweet and slightly sinister looking addition to the Dilly Dolls store. It even comes with a pair of Mollies that you can match to each dress!

And for the first time in Dilly Dolls an amazing Everyday Bag that has more scripted color change items on it than you could imagine. You can perfectly customize it for any item of clothing! Dress it up or down for any time of the day or night no matter where you’re headed! It includes decorative keys and a notebook with a few added pencils.

Finally a re-release of Aurora now including 7 new colors! If you have previously purchased Aurora, and would like the update, please make a folder and title it "REPLACEMENT - Aurora - Your Name Here". Put ALL of the Aurora items into the folder, as well as a notecard with your transaction info, and send it to Oriana, and she will send you the update. you MUST include ALL parts AND your transaction info!!!!

Stop by and check out! And if you haven’t yet come by the new main store it’s a treat! We know you’ll want to stay, so downstairs there is a great seating area for you to kick back and relax. Invite your friends and stay as long as you like!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to *Dilly Dolls*

This is officially the very first ever *DD* blog post. Many of my friends and customers have been on me for months to start up my own blog, but I am just too damn lazy. So I finally went and made one anyways. Chances are, my store manager will be posting most of what is on this blog, but I am sure that I will be here from time to time.

Let's start with this....

On Saturday, January 3rd 2009, my friend Genie (GL Designs) reopened our stores to bring in the new year. New year, new look! And to go along with the reopening, we had a HUGE sale. The sale prices were not disclosed before hand, and absolutely no advertising was done either. Many people rushed to the store, and I mean RUSHED, to see the new look, new items, and of course, whatever the sale prices were. Everyone was shocked to see that Genie and I had gone insane! We had marked everything down to just L$10! Dresses, shoes, skirts, dolls, doll keys, masks, eyes, skins, costumes....everything was on sale. People were complaining left and right that they couldn't get in, and everyone was worried that they would not be able to get into the sale, as it was only being held for 2 hours. After the first hour and a half, we realized that people were not going to stop coming. We had posted twice in Fashion Colsolidated (Genie for her store, and I for mine), she posted in her store group and her subscriber. And I posted in my store group and subscriber. As people continued to flock, we decided to just let the sale go on.

A two hour sale turned into a 24 hour sale. After we woke up and came back online, the stores had not slowed down at all. the sim was still full. Finally, at 5pm slt, we had to pull the plug. Many still had not made it to the store, but we were not able to keep it going unfortunately. Overall, it was a great success for all parties, and we definitely had fun! We definitely plan to have something similar often in the future!

Now, here are a few pics of the newest items that I released on Saturday...

Grunge Baby is an old favorite from Bondage Angel Designs
A cute little babydoll dress with texture change

Candy Lolita is also an old BA favorite
Also comes with texture change skirt and sleeves

Sienjo is an asian inspired dress that comes with 3 skirt options, as well as texture change

All of my shoes have been updated/replaced in one way or another. Including resculpting and rescripting. Here are few new pairs of shoes, with both color and texture change options:

Here are a few more oldies but goodies...

New doll keys, that unfortunately did not make it out until the end of the sale...

I am always working on something, or many things at once (usually about 7 or 8 at once), and generally have a release of 3 or more things at once. There is more stuff coming out again soon too, so keep an eye out!