Monday, March 2, 2009

*Dilly Dolls* Custom Fish Contest

Hello everyone...I need your help!!!

Many of you have been asking me for a while now, if I will ever be coming out with any custom fish. The answer is yes!


I have no idea what to make! I have tried several designs, but was never really happy with any of them! So now, I have
decided that the only way to solve this issue, is to find out what YOU want!

The contest is simple!

How to enter:
1. Create a notecard, and title it "*DD* Custom Fish Contest - Your Name Here"
2. In it, please include your name, and a very detailed description of your idea
3. Any photos (or web links) of your idea
4. Drop the notecard into the drop box at the main store (looks like a toybox next to the front desk)

How you will win:
Once I have gone through all of the notecards, I will choose at most 10. Then I will attempt to make them. Once they are
complete, I will display them and have you all come and vote for which you like the best. I will then take the top 6 with the
most votes, and they will become available for fishing. The catch with the most votes will become the rarest one of them all!

What you will win:
1st place (rare catch winner): L$1000 *Dilly Dolls* Gift card, and your catch will have the name that you choose
2nd place: L$500 *Dilly Dolls* Gift card, and your catch will have the name that you choose
3rd place: L$250 Gift card
4th, 5th & 6th place: L$100 Gift card

*Please try to choose original designs
*Please do not use catch from any other 7seas fishing areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*CANNOT have a mature theme (i wont do naked mermaids or fish with private people parts!!!)

Contest begins..........NOW!
Entry notecards deadline 03/15/09 midnight slt
Voting should start one to two weeks after entries are over

Have fun!
Be creative!


*Dilly Dolls* Main Store

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