Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kawaii 25

Another round of Kawaii Project has started, and I have something new!

I have been working with clothing more and more lately, and thought I would release a small little something along those lines for KP this round! Introducing the Kimmi top! This cute little top comes in 24 different singles color setups, as well as both light and dark full packs. Remember, the benefit to getting a full pack is that you have ultimate customization. With this top, that would include color choices for the ruffles, the top, and the text. Oh, the text? Yeah, you can tint that too! You can also change between 6 different words! And because I thought it would be nice, I included the text change/tint in the single colored tops as well!

These tops are made for the Slink original and hourglass bodies, as well as an experimental Maitreya version. They are 100% original mesh, as always!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentines 2017

Valentines day is in a few days, and I wanted to make a few gifts for all of you!

First up, I think this might have been the first time I have ever made a gift for my subscribers. Bad me! I will need to do more in the future. But that aside, this cute little frame can be nabbed by anyone in the subscriber list. If you are not a sub, simply join by tapping the joiner in the mainstore, right next to the display. Now, I do want to note that I heavily frown on joining just to grab the gift, then leaving the subscriber right away. This is a gift for those who enjoy my work and are subscribed to my store, not for freebie hunters.

Next is the Love Planter, which is an open gift for anyone who wants it! There is only one planter in the box, but you can choose the base color with a simple left click! There is no need to be a subscriber or group member,

And lastly, the V.I.P. group gift! You must be a member of the *Dilly Dolls* store group (L$150 fee to join) in order to grab this one.

I hope you all have a great holiday, whether you have a significant other or not. Also remember to pop over to The Gacha Garden (see previous blog post here) to play the "Valentines Day Singles Survival Kit" gacha that I have there!

Later, my lovelies!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gacha Garden

A brand new round of The Gacha Garden has begun, and *Dilly Dolls* is in it!

I have created a set for the singles....those who prefer to spend the holiday at home, alone! And if you play 20 times, you'll receive a copy of the seed of inspiration!


Also available at TGG, is a little gift! Several designers have put out a nice little giftie in front of their machines. They are available openly to the public, but you do need to be in the event's announcement group to receive it. Enrollment is open and free!

Go here to take a look at the Shopping guide

And go here to hit the event! Taxi

Happy gacha-ing, my lovelies!