Friday, July 26, 2013

Slinky foot candy!

Yup, I gots some more Slinky candies for your tootsies, but this time, in a heel!

I made these heels by request, via plurk. They have little studded ruffles, and cute little toe bows, and are just waiting for you to come take them home! Like the last release, these shoes do REQUIRE the Slink enhanced mesh feet, but unlike the last release, these are compatible with the medium (or heeled/toe) style feet. Simply wear your Slink feet and alpha layer, then pop on these babies with the included shoe base, and you are ready to go! And as per always, there is an included HUD for easy texturing! Packs are available at the main store now, and singles will be available on the MP soon!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Slinky feet

FINALLY, the full color packs of my latest platform shoes are available! 9 different choices, of scripted meshy goodness!!! These are addons for the Slink Enhanced Mesh Feet system! Yes, this is a requirement, in order to wear them properly!

I havent dont a Bubblegum pack in a while, so since I was asked to do a pastels pack, I just slightly muted the Bubblegum colors, for this set. It only has 6 colors, as before, but you can use the HUD to texture with dual textures for yummy bubblegummy colors!

Since I have a love of all things retro, these shoes would not have been complete, had I not done checkers & cherries! I am overly proud of the cherry textures, cause its the first time I managed to successfully hand paint cherries!

I also got a request for some plain textures, so here ya go!

And lastly, wouldn't be *DD* without the stripes!

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot wear these shoes properly, without the Slink enhanced flat feet!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free stuff...if you are compatible

Better late than never!

These new platform shoes, are only compatible with the Slink Enhanced mesh flat feet. If you do not have the feet, you will not be able to wear them properly. If you need to pick up the feet, head here!

Free for all...Happy 4th!

This version is for *Dilly Dolls* V.I.P. group members only!