Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kawaii 23

It's that time once more...The Kawaii Project is open! This month's theme s rococo, and I have made some foot candy for you, surprise surprise!

The Maizee heels are a super shiny pump with wired/metal heel/sole/trim. They come in either dark colors with black metals, or light colors with white metals. The scripted packs, however, allow you to choose if you want black or white metals. And as a bonus, the packs also come with silver or gold (pictured) metal options!

Also brand new, is this little gift from me to you! This is NOT a Kawaii Project exclusive item, though you can grab it there, as well as at the mainstore! Included are black and white versions of both a large globe with poses, and a small version for decor!

And lastly, head over to Nouveaux Xmas to pick up gift cards and boxes from lots of great designers, for 50% off! I have put out my gift cards, so you can choose whichever amount you would like, and only pay half price for it! Great for a gift for someone special, or for yourself for a little bit of discounted shopping later! 

Please note that the gift cards are double boxed. This is because once worn/rezzed, the gift card will apply the card value in credit to the person who wore/rezzed it. By double boxing, any accidental credit claims can be avoided, as there are NO refunds on gift cards, for any reason!
Also remember that you can purchase gifts from any of my vendors, and have them sent directly to the giftee by right clicking on it and choosing "touch" to receive the drop down menu!

As per usual, these items are 100% original mesh, made by me, are materials enabled, and the shoes are built for Maitreya and Slink feet only.