Friday, January 28, 2011

*DD* is sponsoring a SLRDA team!!

Yep, you read that right. Roller Derby has come to SL and *Dilly Dolls* is proud to sponsor one of the first teams to derby in SL. Interested in the *Demolition Dolls* or SLRDA? Contact the team captain Trinket Demonista or the team co-captain Raelyen Resident.

OMG more shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say hello to "Stella Dollies" (no socks) and "Stella Dollies II" (includes ruffled socks) shoes!!!

You won't even believe how awesome these are. 2 different sock options. 24 (OMFG 24?!?!) color options. Texture menus. You can buy them indivudually or in fatpacks!!

You can never have enough shoes and your shoe collection isn't complete without these amazing shoes!! I know I'll see you at the shop grabbing them. *winks*

EAHH Items

Dilly Dolls is proud to offering items in the "Extend A Helping Hand" marketplace. This is a fundraiser is to help those in Australia effected by the floods.

First up a brand new item. You asked for it and you got it, skirts to match the Pucca top! This "dress" comes with two versions of the top, a skirt waist extender, skirt and belt. So many ways you could wear this! All 8 colors are included in the pacj and 100% of the proceeds from this dress go right to EAHH!

Head on over to the EAHH marketplace and pick this awesome charity set up! You can find the EAHH sign right outside the shop.

These other great items are also part of the event and 50% goes to EAHH.

Amaranth II is located in the *DD* shop only.

Nancy Nunn is at the *DD* shop AND the EAHH Marketplace.

Kalista is at the *DD* shop AND the EAHH Marketplace.

Sonata Boots are at the *DD* shop (both dark and light versions) and the EAHH Marketplace (dark versions)

Hope to see you at the shop or the marketplace and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These boots were made for walking...

and for stomping and for simply looking hawttttt. This week Oriana is treating us ladies to not 1, not 2, but THREE new boots.

First up are the Sonata boots. These are knee high, figure-hugging patent leather boots.

They are available in dark, light and metallic colours and can be completely texture customized! They include an alpha layer, compatible with viewer 2. They do NOT have any invisiprims, so you do need to be on a viewer 2 compatible viewer.

Also available are the Sonata Scrunched boots. As the name suggests these are a scrunched version of the Sonata boots. They are cute below the knee boots that are tied around the middle with a sweet bow and have a patent upper and a high heel.

They are available in the usual 8 colours, and 3 different textures; striped, plaid and knit. They are also compatible with V2, and have no invisiprims.

And lastly, Oriana has released an update of the Lyden boots, the Lyden 2, as Oriana felt they needed more colour options. So now there are 8 colours available instead of just 1!!They are viewer 2 compatible now, as well.

Happy boot shopping dolls!!

Milly xx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chastity? Not in this dress...

Forgive me father, I am about to sin... a LOT. (And look great doing it!!) This is by far one of Ori's more interesting outfits and all you need is a ruler to finish the look.

Introducing Nancy Nunn:

Comes in 8 colors, and includes a wimple with texture change hair! (The regular hair texture versions will be available later.) It also includes 2 sets of basic rosary, one for around the neck, and one for around the waste, as well as the standard bib.

So, take a minute from indulging in the "seven" (That would be the "sins" for the less moral kids in the back) and run over to the shop and grab this dress. It's even short enough that you won't ruin it with all that time on your knees.... praying.

Yeah, praying.

See you there! - Sister Trinket