Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February newness!

After taking a short break over the holidays, Ori is finally BACK and has some amazing new releases for you all.

First off, are the lovely Espy Wedges. These shows come in two different packs; plain and striped and they are fully customisable, as all Dilly Dolls shoes are. You can change the texture of the shoes as well as the straps via the included HUD, to mix and match with your favourite outfits to your heart's content (cheesy pun intended- its only a week til valentines day!!!).

Next we have the delightful Nessa jeans. Although not specifically for Valentines, they do feature cute lil raggedy hearts on them, so they would work for that too, lol. They come in two packs, a light pack and a dark pack, and the hearts are colour change!

Penultimately there are Rennie's weeklies, cute day of the week underthings made by request!

And finally, we have the absolutely beautiful Diane's Fainting Couch, made available for sale due to popular demand! This stunning couch is texture changeable and has 7 poses included, all for a mere 14 prims!

Head on down to Dilly Dolls now to get your hands on this little lot!!

Also, in case you weren't aware, Dilly Dolls is currently participating in the Tainted Love hunt, til the 29th Feb, so don't forget to have a look around for the heart instore to get a special pair of Espy Wedges exclusive to the hunt!!

MiLLiE xox

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