Saturday, February 25, 2012

Davinia gets a little meshy...

When mesh was first introduced to us as just a thought for the future, I had a few people comment about how I should make some of my older creations into mesh. I dismissed it, saying that mesh would never be a reality. Once mesh hit the beta grid, I had lots of people asking me if I had been working with mesh or if I had any intention to. At that point, I wasn't and didn't. And of course, as soon as mesh went live on the main grid, I started getting slammed by my friends and loyal dolls, DEMANDING that I make the Davinia dress into mesh. Well, for those of you who love to see a classic remade, or if you have been harassing me for months, I have a treat for you!


Ok, so now I do want to make a little statement about this dress....

The original Davinia was 100% sculpted by me, before I really knew what I was doing. When I decided to make it in mesh, I did not remake the skirt or the corset. I only recreated the petal top and the eyes and laces of the corset from scratch, because they were not useable at all as they were. I understand that the corset and skirt are not the best quality, but like I said, I did not resculpt them from the original. This is why, I have decided to offer this pack at a permanent discount. Original price should be L$600, but I have it up in the shop for just L$300 for good! This dress, unlike the original, comes in TWELVE colors, not eight. It also includes a texture change HUD that you can use to change each part individually. Please pop into the main store, and try out the demo!

Oh, also keep an eye out, cause the Twisted hunt starts in a few days...Are you ready?

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