Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Bag, A Dress, And A Re-issue!

Hi there! I am Amaranth Sorbet and chances are you’ve seen me hanging around the store for the past few months. Well somehow I managed to grow on Oriana and I’m helping her manage the store.

If you ever need to reach me there is a little intercom panel just inside the door on the right hand stairway. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, comments, or suggestion just give it a push or if I don’t happen to be around drop me a PM or a notecard. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Now on to what you really care about! The new goods! Well you’re in for a treat!

The newest dress addition (Which I’m so proud and excited to say I’m in the sales photo for!) is called Paddy. This fantastic new dress has 8 Colors of fully scripted goodness in a sweet and slightly sinister looking addition to the Dilly Dolls store. It even comes with a pair of Mollies that you can match to each dress!

And for the first time in Dilly Dolls an amazing Everyday Bag that has more scripted color change items on it than you could imagine. You can perfectly customize it for any item of clothing! Dress it up or down for any time of the day or night no matter where you’re headed! It includes decorative keys and a notebook with a few added pencils.

Finally a re-release of Aurora now including 7 new colors! If you have previously purchased Aurora, and would like the update, please make a folder and title it "REPLACEMENT - Aurora - Your Name Here". Put ALL of the Aurora items into the folder, as well as a notecard with your transaction info, and send it to Oriana, and she will send you the update. you MUST include ALL parts AND your transaction info!!!!

Stop by and check out! And if you haven’t yet come by the new main store it’s a treat! We know you’ll want to stay, so downstairs there is a great seating area for you to kick back and relax. Invite your friends and stay as long as you like!

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