Thursday, February 1, 2018

Gacha Garden February 2018

Gacha Garden is back for the first round of 2018! Last year, I got my feet wet in the event with my anti-valentines set, V-Day for Singles! This year, I went the other way, and created a few cute little decor pieces for lovers/likers! There is also a new gift!

First up, the full set. There are not as many items as I usually have in a gacha set, but I didn't want it to become too overwhelming, Usually, I start with 5 or 6 items, but somehow end up adding 10 or more extra. This time, I stuck to my guns, and managed to limit my colors to v-day colors only! This is also the first time, in a loooooong time, that I have made a stuffy! This cute little bear comes in black, pink, red or white, and each one includes a HUD so that you can customize the colors of everything (except the body) as you'd like!

The "Seed of Inspiration" was really fun for me this time around! I did not have as much time as I would have liked to work on the details, but I have not made a holdable for several years. Not since sculpties! Also, I made my very first custom bento hand pose for it, so double yay! This gift is only available when you play the machine 20 times, and is super exclusive to the event, meaning that once the round is over, it will never be available again, unless you buy/trade from someone who has one!

And lastly, the free gift to all who are in the Gimmie Gacha group. Simply wear your tag, and tap! This mod/copy decoration can be changed to whatever images you prefer. Simply drag and drop over one of the existing images!

All of these creations are 100% original mesh. Good luck!

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