Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shop moved and 20T round 3

First of all, I want to finally announce that the store is no longer floating in the sky! That's right, Dilly Dolls is back on the ground, where it belongs!

I have spent many months, building custom buildings for the shop, but every time I would upload one onto the grid, I would realize that it would never work for what I needed. So I gave in to my co-sim owner, and we bought a new build for our shops. This also gave inspiration for the sim remodel, which is just about finished. There is still some decorating to be done, but otherwise we are ready to go!

Also, the 3rd round of 20Twenty has begun today! I am reintroducing the Avery boots, In Winter edition! The boots have had some structural adjustments and fixes, and as soon as I get the old textures redone, I will send out the update to those who have already purchased the older versions!

The Avery In Winter version comes in static mesh only, for the time being. RL kept me away from the comp, so I was not able to successfully rig them within the time I had, so that will be yet another upgrade at a later date. There are three different color options to choose from, or you can buy all three in a pack, all at the 20% (though slightly deeper for the pack) discount!

These boots are 100% original mesh, created by Oriana Kuhr!

To check out all of the other shops in this month's round, go here!

If you are interested in being a designer for 20Twenty, apply here!

If you would prefer to blog for 20Twenty, apply here instead!

Lastly, there is a gift! I made this last winter, and completely forgot to release it. So, this year, it's free!

And here, of course, is your taxi to the shop!

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