Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last poll of 2014!

I am in the process of rebuilding the store, as well as fixing a few items for re-release, and finishing up some brand new things! But first, I wanted to get opinions on something I have been thinking about.

Since the appearance of mesh in Second Life, there has been less and less older style creations, such as dolly/lolita type clothing. Sure, they are still around, but not as much as they were before. So, feeling a little bit nostalgic, I started going through my old shop inventory, and realized just how many of the dresses I was still in love with! It got me thinking that, even though mesh allows us to create things that we were unable to make with prims, we are still limited when it comes to things such as, a bouncy, floofy skirt! So I wondered, if there would be any life left in them for the rest of the grid.

Let me hear your thoughts on the subject! Take the poll below, and leave a comment if you like! If there are enough positive responses, I might just be adding on another room for some of my older designs!

Would you be interested in seeing any flexy/system clothing come back to Dilly Dolls?
Maybe just a few things.
Only if you combine them with mesh!
Gross! Just stick with mesh only!
I really don't care. Just reopen!
Wait...What is flexy?


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  2. I don't think I am in the majority here. but I still love all of my non mesh items - I am not a mesh snob. In my opinion, whether its mesh or flexy, the quality is what matters in the end. I have seen some Dog-Awful mesh and I have seen some brilliantly created non mesh items. Its all in the quality that is put in an object that makes it great - not the materials. I hope that helps. <3 Henesy Dryke (aka Grumpy Kitty)

  3. I still love my non mesh items as well, but lately I have been using a mesh body a lot. Because of that I would be very happy if you would consider updating some older designs with appliers for mesh bodies / bodyparts, or add them to future creations. I realize this would mean more work for you. Luckily though, there is Omega. If you make Omega appliers they can be used on a variety of mesh bodies and parts so you don't have to make special appliers for each one.
    Either way I will be looking forward to your new store.

    More info about Omega: lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com