Saturday, October 5, 2013

New stuffs!!!!!!!!

I totally spaced when the Twisted hunt started, so I don't remember if I sent any notices or not. I know I forgot to do a blog post, sorry about that. RL has been handing my behind to me for the past few months, and it has not been easy on me.

That aside, the Twisted hunt has ended, and I am releasing the full pack of the Ringmaster boots, in male and female versions! 24 colors total, in two packs. Single colors will be available on the MP (if I can ever get it to cooperate with me), but until then, only the packs are available at the main store. The boots and buttons can be textured separately via the included HUD.

Also, I can't ever have enough pants...and I LOVE yoga pants, so I made some for you! Check em out!

Lastly....I think my gacha supply is long overdue for replenishment lol. Got some new doll keys for ya! Both interactive and decorative versions are available. Transfer only. Enjoy!

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