Monday, October 22, 2012

Sonata returns!

So, I am in the process of trying out a few ideas for a new shop build, and along with that, comes new signs, so, if you are used to the signs i currently use, you will be a little thrown off by these lol...

I have received an overwhelming number of requests, to make my Sonata boots in mesh. It took a while, but I have done it, and more! Previously, the boots were available in 3 different packs...dark, light and metallic. This time around, Not only did I update the textures, but I also expanded the pallet. As you may know, I used to do 8 color packs, but have been doing 10-12 color packs in recent months. I have also introduced a new color pallet called, Bubblegum! This time around, I could not decide on 8-12 colors, so...the light and dark packs now come with 20 colors each! There are 2 variants of each color, so you can wear such combos as two-tone blue! Also, these boots are available in my new Bubblegum pack, as well as the old Metallics, with updated textures. On top of all of these, there is a Midnight Mania exclusive color, as well as a new VIP group gift color!!! Yes, I have been busy...


But wait, there's more! Since the Twisted Hunt has ended, I have also put out the full color packs of the new mesh version of the Hoofies!  Be sure to pop in and try out a demo!

Later my lovelies!

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