Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's get TWISTED....again!

It's that time once again....Twisted has begun!

Every year, there are two things I always look forward to in sl...Twisted Spring, and Twisted Fall! This is the only hunt I would never say no to. Sadly, Vasha and Dysturbed no longer run the show, but I think they have left it in capable hands! So far, there has only been one minor glitch that I ran into, where the box would not sell the contents, and instead chose to claim that it was not set for sale, though it was. But it was an easy and quick fix, problem solved, let the hunt commence!

What is my gift you ask? Why, it's a long overdue remake of my old hoofies, of course. The theme is "darkness", so I figured these would be perfect! 100% static mesh, they are modifyable and unisex! I am only releasing the black version for the hunt, but I do have the full color packs ready to go, so I will be releasing them at some point this month as well.

Good luck my lovelies!

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