Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vintage Fair 2012

At first, I wasn't going to do Vintage Fair. Then when I saw the app, and thought about applying, I heard apps were closed. Then I was told to apply anyways, in case someone dropped out. Doubtful that I would get in, I sent in the app, and a few days later, got the "you still want in" IM, and jumped at it. Sad thing about that tho, is that I had absolutely NOTHING ready for it! Luckily, I had a pair of retro-ish shoes that I had been working on, so I finished those up. And I found the time to make a couple of other things just before the fair opening....

First up, is Rita. This mod style dress comes in two versions, black & color or white & color. Each is 100% mesh, and comes with a HUD that allows you to change the textures of the dress or the belt, which is not attached to the dress, so you can wear it with other things if you like. There is also a non-rigged belt included, in case you need to customize the size even more.

An added bonus: Come by the *Dilly Dolls* shop at the Vintage Fair, and grab these two dresses FREE!

Next up, something for the boys. I have always loved the 70s. Too bad I was born at the end of them. But when I think about the 70s, the first thing that comes to mind......


These packs are also 100% mesh, and custom fit to the male standard sizing avatars. They come with a HUD for fast changes!

And of course, it wouldnt be Vintage Fair for me, without some new shoes! These classically styled pumps, have the *Dilly Dolls* dolly twist to them, of course, and I have put together two special packs, cause apparently I couldn't have enough colors. This Bubblegum pack, makes me wanna chew on em. Eww, ikr? Hence the name. You can choose between buckles or skulls, and there is also a HUD for you to change the textures of the skulls or buckles.

And now, this is the part where I complain about being up for 24 hours working painstakingly swiftly, to be ready in time for VF. And on that note, I will be taking my leave, and passing the heck out for a few hours! I hope you all get the chance to pop in!

Until next time, my lovelies!

Rita Ads-
     Shape - My own
     Eyes - *DD* Eclipse Pallet #4 in Teal

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