Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair is here!!!

Dilly Dolls has got a TON of vintage syle goodies for sale, including many NEW items, that you need to check out at the Vintage Fair!!

Amaranth V2:

Amaranth V3:

Beatrix Shoes:

Bette Halter Tops:

Capris Polka:

Capris Striped:

Capris Tartan:

Capris Checker:

Jude - Cherry Heels Dark:

Jude - Cherry Heels Light:

Cura Pumps Light:

Cura Pumps Medium:

Cura Pumps Dark:



Leisha trousers:

Marla Bikini:

Plaid Betty:

Polka Betty:

Victorian 2009 Boots:

Astrid Light:

Astrid Dark:

Lizbeth Dark:

Lizbeth Light:

There is even a BRAND NEW FREEBIE!!!

But you gotta go to the Vintage Fair to get it!! See you there!!

Happy shopping, dolls!


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