Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Summer Releases!

That's right Dilly Dolls has got some gorgeous new releases, just in time for the summer. First off we have the very colourful Sophia bikini. I love this, not quite a bikini, not quite a swimsuit. It is available in eight different colours, and there is a gorgeous pink and teal version avaialble as a group gift only! Remember Dilly Dolls group is free to join while there is no gift out, but as soon as one of the gifties hits the walls the group is open to paid enrollment only.

And the group gift:

Then we have the Lizbeth bikini. This is available in two versions, light and dark, and in eight colours of each version! There is even a super limited monochrome version of which only 50 will ever be sold!!! Thats it, 50!!!.

Lizbeth light:

Lizbeth dark:

And the ultra limited Lizbeth Monochrome:

And finally, for those of you who are just about 'bikin'd out', or living somewhere in the world where it isn't as hot, Oriana has made this simply beautiful and elegant two-piece, Eysis. Like Lizbeth, Eysis comes in eight different colours and in light and dark versions.

Eysis Light:

Eysis Dark:

Oh, and rumour has it... Oriana might be holding one of her famous NEW RELEASE HUNTS!! Thats right you may be able to get your hands on one of these hot new releases absolutely free if you get to the store in time!!

Have fun dollies,

Millie xx

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