Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shoe FAIR!!!!!!!!!

Whoot, thats right, Shoe Fair has rolled around again, this time benefitting the charity Soles4Souls, an amazing group that provides footwear to people in need all over the world, and Dilly Dolls have not 1, not 2, but FOUR new releases just in time for it.

First up is the donation item, Amie Dollie Skates, thats right SKATES!!! These are so uber cute, unfortunately there's no AO with them, however Ori recommends the ice skating ao from Kami-Hitoe. While the shoe fair goes on, the roller skates are ONLY available in a fat pack, at a discounted price of L$300 (regular price is L$500), but 100% proceeds go to Soles4Souls, and will ONLY be available at the shoe fair, until after the event is over.

Next up, are the adorable Laurell flats. These are available in dark, medium & light versions, each in 8 colors.

And then we have the cute May dollies, also available in dark, medium & light versions, each in 8 colors.

And finally we have the beautiful Cura pumps.

FYI; The full packs come with HUDs where you can change the whole shoe, or parts of it, as well as adjust the size. The single colors are scripted for resize ONLY! They WILL NOT work with a HUD! All shoes are copy/mod/no trans.

What?? You still reading this??!!

Millie xxx

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