Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chastity? Not in this dress...

Forgive me father, I am about to sin... a LOT. (And look great doing it!!) This is by far one of Ori's more interesting outfits and all you need is a ruler to finish the look.

Introducing Nancy Nunn:

Comes in 8 colors, and includes a wimple with texture change hair! (The regular hair texture versions will be available later.) It also includes 2 sets of basic rosary, one for around the neck, and one for around the waste, as well as the standard bib.

So, take a minute from indulging in the "seven" (That would be the "sins" for the less moral kids in the back) and run over to the shop and grab this dress. It's even short enough that you won't ruin it with all that time on your knees.... praying.

Yeah, praying.

See you there! - Sister Trinket

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