Friday, December 10, 2010

Zomg new Dilly Dolls SKINSSSSS!!

Thats right dolls, Oriana has just finished work on her long awaited new line of DELICIOUS skinssss. These come in six different tones each and theres also a festive themed skin available. Here's Lillie;

And she hasn't forgotten the femme-bois out there either, as she has also just released her first line of BOI skins!! Now these aren't your usual male skins, they are... pretty male skins!! Introducing Loren;

And festive Loren;

I hope youy agree, these are some of the prettiest skins on the grid right now!! And at only L$150 a piece, these are an absolute steal!! Not sure which tone is right for you?? Ori makes it easy to choose as there are demos available for both the boi and girl skins, so what are you waiting for?? lol

Happy Shopping dolls n bois!!

Milly xx

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