Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Updates and Fun Stuff

Horrorfest is now over and the items have been moved to the shop. I've also forgotten to blog some of the newest releases! OMG. I am a naughty dolly. My apologies, faithful readers.

Onto what you're here for...

I hope you grabbed the Venuva dress packs @ the event though because it was the only place to get the 10 color packs. The ones in the shop now have only 8. Still a great dress and a great deal if you ask me.

We love Halloween. So what if October is over? Ori has created this awesome broom for all you witchy dolls to take a nap as you fly around!

Meet Aaron. Ain't he cute? Ok, that's not really Aaron, its Kyser. But he is wearing the new Aaron outfit, just for the boys! Comes in 8 colors including pants, pant cuffs, shirts, suspenders and a belt. (Aaron was also ready for halloween too! He is a bit lazy, and refused to "dress up", so he just dyed his clothes lol. This one was available Halloween so I hope you spooky boy dolls were able to grab it.)

Next up, "My Fave Band Tees - HIM" for both boys and girls. These are great for all the HIM fans out there. More bands on the way? Guess you'll have to wait and see. :D

Then we go for the unisex. Ori just kinda randomly started making these pants one day, and decided to just toss some zippers on em. Then they sat in her inventory forever, so she forced herself to box em up and take pics, so they are finally out! YAY!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported Horrorfest! If you missed the event you can come pick up some of the goodies offered at the shop, as well as these newly released goodies!

See you at the shop!
- Trinket the forgetfull dolly

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