Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amaranth II is FINALLY here!!!!!!!

The official release was last night, and the new release hunt went off without a hitch! The sim was packed, with a max of 50. It seemed everyone was waiting very (im)patiently for this remake of the old favorite!

Amaranth has had a major facelift too! Brighter textures, better details, new sculpted bustle and sleeves, multiple top options, a rose collar with a bunny cameo style design on it, and the fact that you can get ALL 8 colors for just L$300. It was a huge hit!

If you missed the new release hunt, so sorry. But I will be having more hunts in the future, you know this! lol

Here is a shot of what you can come to expect with the new dress, should you decide to breakdown and buy it...

Also! I want to formerly introduce our two newest store bloggers, Trinket and Mildread! Welcome my dollies! They will be keeping the blog up-to-date, when my forgetful bootie constantly forgets lol. So welcome them with open arms, and expect to start hearing from them lots in the near future!!!

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