Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day giftie & LE

Posting a lil late in the game, but technically still not late!

I decided to go and try something a lil different this time around. I gave it a go, and the attempt proved to not be a total bust, when I tried my hand at a dress "mural". Now, please do not expect this type of thing to be released from Dilly Dolls on a regular basis, I just thought it would be cute for St Patty's day!

Kawaii Panda comes with the dress as well as the shoes. Shoes are resize by script, and though I went back to making clothing modifyable, the dress is copy only this time.

There are two versions available. The original version, which has the standard 3 leaf clovers all over it, is a free-for-all. The Limited Edition version, which has "lucky" 4 leaf clovers, is for sale for just L$75.

Both dresses will be taken down at midnight on St Patty's day, so come get them while you still can!

Also, I am in the process of creating a brand new skin line. If you like any of the old ones, this is your last chance to come and get them! They are no longer in the main store, but are now available in the center space in the rental shops. All skins are just L$10ea, or L$35 for a pack of 4. Once these skins are retired, they will NOT be available to anyone. I may reuse the makeups in the new skin lines, so no, they will not be sold as full perms or made available in any reseller kits.

Also available in the retirement area are all of my piercings, mushroom seats and and masks. These will not be remade, and once they are gone, they will never see the light of day again!

Here is your limo...

Main Store

Skin Sale

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